Customized Training Development and Delivery

Kestrel Resources can develop training programs to help your company's health and safety needs. All of the courses can be adapted to suit your company's specific needs.

Kestrel has designed and developed the core elements of the Northern Lakes College Supervisory Safety Certificate Program. These courses are taught by either Wally Cook, Judy Cook or Henny Lamers.

The following courses make up the Safety Skills for Supervisors Certificate Program:

  • OH&S Legislation and Due Diligence
  • Hazard Assessment and Control
  • Behavioural Safety - Creating a Safety Culture
  • Worker Competency - The Role of Orientation and Training
  • Work Site Inspections
  • Incident Reporting and Investigation
  • Emergency Response for Supervisors

For more information on these courses and how to enroll, please visit the Northern Lakes College website.

Facilitation and Action Planning

Action planning is how you can convert your goals into reality. Our consultants can work with you to lay out clear goals and objectives, then build a plan that works towards your goals.

Hazard and Risk Assessment

At the core of preventing injury and loss in a system is a good understanding of the hazards and risks in the workplace. These hazards cannot always be eliminated. However, assessing and understanding their natures and potentials are critical to developing acceptable controls to avoid incidents, injury and losses. Good solutions are the result of adequate hazard assessments.

The hazard assessment is a systematic process to review job methods and workplaces to uncover hazards:

  • That may have been overlooked in layout, design of equipment, tools, work areas, and processes
  • That exist due to the nature of the work being done
  • That may have developed after work has started
  • That may have resulted from changes in workplace procedures or personnel during the course of a task

Hazard assessments are often done to improve the health and safety aspects of a job, but there are often also opportunities to reduce waste, increase productivity, quality and efficiency of an operation as well as create a safe and healthy work environment. This translates into the bottom line success of the company and those who work for it either as employees or contractors.

Health, Safety and Environment Evaluations and Audits

Kestrel Resources Ltd. has been involved with the evaluation of health and safety programs since 1990. We have audited for more than 175 different organizations.

Many companies are involved in ongoing or bi-annual evaluations to support continuous improvement in health and safety initiatives. Below is a list of certifying partners we are associated with:

  • Petroleum Industry Training Service
  • Alberta Forest Products Association
  • Alberta Safety Council
  • Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association
  • Alberta Long Term Care Association
  • Alberta Construction Safety Association

The Certifying Partner's websites can be accessed directly on our Resource Links page.

Health, Safety and Environment Management Systems Development

If your company doesn't have a plan to manage the health and safety of your workers, or if there is a particular aspect of your program that you would like to develop ΜΆ we can help. We will work with you to set up a management system that meets your needs and is easy to maintain.

Mentoring and Coaching for Health and Safety Performance

We offer mentoring and coaching services to help improve your health and safety performance. If you have a specific project in mind, we invite you to contact us for discussion